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The Path To Authenticity Starts Here

The Path To Authenticity Starts Here

Helping you discover the courage to be yourself

You want to feel confident and have healthy relationships, but instead you feel:

● Unfulfilled and find yourself comparing yourself to everyone else

● Like you have to make yourself small for other people’s comfort

● Less than others because you aren’t enough

Everyone battles with insecurities and feelings of doubt, but sometimes we can’t seem to escape the nagging feelings of guilt, shame, and negative thoughts that make us believe we aren’t enough. We question who we are and want to feel understood and important. This makes it impossible to be at peace. Daily these things rob us of having joy, confidence, happiness, and healthy relationships.

Life doesn’t have to stay this way.

It’s time to believe in yourself

Hi, I’m Deidre, and I can help.

I provide depression and anxiety therapy using a collaborative approach to help you discover your worth and develop skills for when you feel stressed, worried or not enough . My clients walk away from therapy with me feeling understood, important, and confident.

How I Can Help You


Helping you to believe in yourself and create healthier relationships with the help of a trained therapist you can trust.


Learn the tools you need to heal past wounds and feel reconnected with your partner again.